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For parents of children aged 10 to 18 years old.


During this workshop series for parents, the focus is on encouraging cooperation and communication with preteen and teenage children. Topics include but are not limited to: effective communication, the link between behaviour and brain development, encouraging autonomy and independence, and responding to your teen's more challenging behaviours in ways that you are comfortable. Light refreshments and materials are provided. Official insurance receipts are given to all participants.

Smiling Teen Boy

1st Workshop - LEARN:

About the teenage brain

About the changing parent-child relationship

About taking care of yourself as a parent


2nd Workshop - I answer your QUESTIONS:

About what behaviours you find most challenging

About what you can do to encourage better communication and cooperation with your child


3rd Workshop - FOLLOW-UP

We will discuss what you have tried to address challenging behaviours, what works, and what doesn't (because every parent and child is different!)


4th Workshop - WRAP-UP

We will go over the KEY THEMES

More Q & A about moving forward and continuing to encourage communication and cooperation with your child


Materials and light refreshments are provided. Official insurance receipts given to all participants.  Register now or contact me at (514) 619-4542.

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