Individual Therapy

In individual therapy I use an integrated approach with techniques from  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy examines the connections between how we think, behave and feel. When we understand these patterns, we can begin to change one area (for example, how we behave) to impact other areas (like how we feel). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, focuses on what is important to you (your values), cognitive (mental) flexibility, and mindfulness.


I offer psychological and psychoeducational assessments of children 3-18 years old. During the assessment I will examine your child's cognitive, behavioural and emotional functioning. I have extensive training and over 8 years of experience assessing children and teenagers.

The Assessment Package includes:

  • 3-4 in-person evaluation sessions (which include the initial interview, testing sessions, and a results meeting).

  • All materials needed for the assessment (testing materials, questionnaires, etc.).

  • Consultations with teachers and other health care professionals*    *as needed and with the consent of the parent.

  • A Psychological Assessment Report  (a 7-10 page report including all the results of the assessment along with a summary of the pertinent issues and recommendations for educators and parents)



Family Therapy

Family therapy can be useful for many issues. In family therapy, I try to help family members be present with one another and communicate more effectively. This type of therapy is also useful for managing difficult behaviour in children and teenagers as often it is in the dynamic between parent and child that these difficulties manifest.